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Denny Johnson“Rayid” was born of inspiration and revelation.  Decades of application and qualitative research have confirmed its accuracy.  What began in the 1970s as the Rayid Method of Iris Interpretation, evolved over the years to become the Rayid Model of Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree Dynamics.  Today, this expansive work is often referred to simply as Rayid or the Rayid Model.  It includes the collective Rayid work of iris, birth order, grandparents, and the family tree as taught by Denny Johnson,  the founder of Rayid®.To date, Denny has written three books on the Rayid Model. The first, What the Eye Reveals…Book One, was published in 1984 as a simple introduction to the Rayid Method of Iris Interpretation. It provided a revolutionary new way to understand the iris, dramatically different than traditional iridology. The second, What the Eye Reveals, published in 1995, is still in print and offers in-depth comprehensive information on the iris. It is primarily geared to Rayid Iris Practitioners. The third, The Nature of Birth Order, was published in 2002. It beautifully describes the 12 birth order (sibling sequence) positions, the distinctive qualities of children in each position, the influence of parents and grandparents, and how to enhance a child’s potential.

Denny Johnson is an explorer, researcher, writer, and international teacher. He established the Rayid Model as one of the most powerful modern tools for understanding personality and behavior, as well as individual, familial, and relationship patterns and dynamics. Over the years, Denny has conducted thousands of personal consultations, has interviewed on hundreds of radio and television stations worldwide, and has taught in numerous countries.

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