The Rayid Model

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Illuminating the Tapestry of Human Existence with Divine Wisdom

Rayid was born of profound inspiration and revelation, and it has weathered the test of time, fortified by decades of rigorous application and in-depth qualitative research. Its origins can be traced back to the 1970s when it emerged as the Rayid Method of Iris Interpretation, evolving into the expansive Rayid Model. This comprehensive framework now encompasses Iris Analysis, Birth Order Insights, Family Tree Dynamics, Body Types, Cycles & Seasons, and more. Today, it is widely celebrated as ‘Rayid’ or the ‘Rayid Model,’ embodying the unwavering scrutiny of Denny Johnson, the visionary founder of Rayid®. It encapsulates the profound and sacred principles of divine universal order, offering profound insights into the exquisite essence of human existence.

Oral Heritage

The rich landscape of Rayid teachings has predominantly been conveyed through direct oral interactions at various Rayid retreats worldwide. Only a small fraction of this profound wisdom has been meticulously documented under the watchful guidance of Denny, yielding three remarkable books that capture the essence of Rayid’s vast knowledge.

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The first book, What the Eye Reveals…Book One, made its debut in 1984, serving as a groundbreaking introduction to the Rayid Method of Iris Interpretation. It introduced a revolutionary perspective on iris analysis, departing significantly from traditional iridology.

In 1995, What the Eye Reveals, the second book, was published, and it remains in print today. This volume delves deep into comprehensive iris insights, tailored primarily for Rayid Iris Practitioners, offering a wealth of knowledge.

In 2002, the third jewel of wisdom, The Nature of Birth Order, was unveiled. With artful precision, it unveils the intricacies of the twelve birth order (sibling sequence) positions, shedding light on the distinct attributes of children within each position. Beyond that, it delves into the profound impact of parents and grandparents, offering invaluable insights into fostering a child’s full potential.


The Rayid Model embodies Denny’s heartfelt mission to unveil the path of divine progression for the human soul, emphasizing the invaluable role of time in this journey. Through this temporal odyssey, we are granted the precious opportunity to explore 12 distinct groups of soul attributes, as illustrated below. These attributes transcend mere words or concepts; they manifest as living experiences within our grasp. Each moment dedicated to feeling and experiencing them is an investment in our soul’s evolution, meticulously crafted by divine intelligence. In essence, every passing moment spent in this pursuit is time exceptionally well spent.