The Iris of the Eye

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Understanding Our Unique Individuality: What the Iris Reveals

The iris is a fascinating feature of our being, showcasing the intricacy and beauty of our individuality. No two sets of irises are the same, and each contains a distinctive pattern that offers insight into our inner and outer expressions, functions, and behaviors. Using the Rayid Iris model, we can analyze these patterns to better understand an individual’s personality type and specific traits. By examining the overall pattern and the positioning of certain elements within the iris, we gain clues to attributes, personality traits, potential familial influences, possible health implications, and relationship dynamics.


The Rayid Iris model highlights the intricate interconnectedness of our being and offers valuable insights into the complexity of human nature. It offers a profound reflection of an individual’s life potential, providing a comprehensive map of their unique gifts and challenges. By gaining a deeper understanding of their personal traits, attributes, and inherited or imprinted challenges, individuals can access a roadmap to guide their journey through life. This invaluable tool illuminates the soul’s path, empowering individuals to navigate their journey with clarity and purpose.

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Within the Rayid Model there are two primary types of Irises representing two types of irises representing two outer display of character, the Jewel and the Flower.

The Jewel type is characterized by a predominance of dot-like pigments in the iris. These types of people are typically Mental thinkers and Verbal processors who learn Visually. The Jewel type can be Constricting in nature. They manifest a quality of a Gathering force culminating at a single point that can be separating and divisive, or with awareness weaves the world together.

The Flower type is characterized by a predominance of curved openings in the iris. Individuals with this iris type are more Emotional and Feeling oriented, spontaneously expressive, Visual and Spatial in their expression, learning Auditorily. The Flower type is considered a Magnetic Force. The Flower is an Expansive Force. It is a Spatial Expansion that has a Feeling Oriented, Outward Movement that is mobilizing.

The Secondary Types, known as Stream and Shaker, modify the primary structures. 

The Stream type exhibits uniform fiber structures in the iris. These types of people are Kinesthetic, communicating through touch and movement, learning Kinesthetically. The Stream is considered a Gravitational Force which can be Grounding and Constricting. The stream type is a Consolidating Force that wants Safety, Security and Consistency. Our bodies are our stream force that holds the Blood, Bones and Aura together.

The Shaker type has both Jewels and Flowers in the iris. These types of people are Dynamic, progressive and extremist in nature. The Shaker is a Transformational Force that wants Mobilization and Change. They are natural Manifesters.

Iris Types

  • Personality
  • Traits
  • Communication
  • Attractions
  • Lessons
  • Dynamics
  • Learning
  • Perspective
  • World View


  • Feeling-oriented types, feelings are deeply experienced and expressed 
  • Tend to be reactive and blaming, self attacking, can over-extended and become exhausted
  • Primary mode of learning is auditory, 
  • responsive and reactive to what people say to them
  • Flexible, spontaneous, changeable 
  • Creative, sociable, like center stage
  • Peripheral processor, can get distracted, lose interest
  • Visual communicators, communicating with imagery, emotions, gestures, often theatrical, artistic, commanding
  • Contribute Peace, Creativity, Joy
  • Closer to father though can feel abandoned or suffocated
  • Lesson is to learn to trust themself, accept responsibility, focus


  • Analytical, thinking-oriented, mental types 
  • Perceptions and feelings engaged through internal thought and analysis rather than overtly displayed
  • Primary mode of learning is visual, like to watch, read, and observe
  • Focused on details, take in information through the eyes, process, categorize, name and think of it, then explain it verbally
  • Precise, verbal communicators, often leaders, critics, teachers, scientists
  • Future oriented, contribute Wisdom
  • Tend to be controlling and do not like to be controlled or criticized
  • Closer to mother but can become aloof
  • Lesson is to learn to go with the flow, trust others, delegate, express feelings


  • Intuitive, Innately empathic, Physical types 
  • Perceive and Integrate life through sensory experiences of the body
  • Primary mode of learning is kinesthetic, learn best through experience, movement, and doing
  • Grounded and amiable, balance and nurture others 
  • Slow to change, yet have the physical energy and social skills to work in athletics, healthcare and public service
  • Balance others,  harmonious
  • Physical communicators, they communicate with posture, touch, and controlled gestures 
  • Tend to control subtle physical reactions through stillness
  • Contribute Stability, Empathy, Support
  • Can feel overwhelmed or helpless
  • Lesson is to learn to trust, release, find purpose


  • Motivated, dynamic, expressive, and pioneering types 
  • Visionary, they venture beyond conventional thought
  • Action-oriented, Energetic, and at the forefront of change and innovation for all
  • Shaker amplifies Jewel/Flower
    • Shaker Jewel learns Visually; Shaker Flower learns through Auditory
    • Make decisions faster than a Jewel and stay with their decision longer than a Flower
  • Learn best through movement and when being touched
  • Strong intuitive sense, an affinity for nature
  • Motivate others
  • Communicate with movement and gesture
  • Adventurous, Change agents, Devoted to a cause
  • Excel as inventors, motivators, leaders, explorers
  • Can get scattered, Dictatorial, Self-destructive, Blaming, 
  • The lesson is to learn to Trust, be Consistent, Stable.

While we are predominantly one of these iris patterns, or a combination of two, we each have within us the essence of all four and these are modified by our birth order, history and lifestyle. For example, the birth order or sibling sequence modifies the expression of the type of iris, as does the health and activities of the individual.

Typically in relationships, opposites come together to explore the polarity and through the attraction gain the opportunity to make choices to become more loving and resolve past patterns by attracting more challenges.

Further exploration of the Rayid Model allows us to see that the different iris patterns align with the birth order positions and are represented by the different seasons. The Flower patterns are associated with the Fall/Autumn and the 2, 4, 6 girls and the Jewel patterns are associated with the Winter and the 1, 3, 5 boys. The Stream patterns are associated with the Spring and the 2, 4, 6 boys while the Shaker patterns are associated with the Summer and the 1, 3, 5 girls.

The Rayid Iris model unveils profound insights into our connections, attractions, and interactions, offering a deeper understanding of why we are naturally drawn to specific individuals. This enlightening system underscores the importance of our words, actions, and choices, as they possess the remarkable potential to shape future generations through epigenetic transgenerational transference. Ultimately, the Rayid Iris model intricately weaves together the threads of our existence, unraveling the complexity of human nature.

Unveiling the vast tapestry of an individual’s life potential, the Rayid Iris model serves as a comprehensive map, illuminating their unique gifts and challenges. By gaining a profound understanding of our personal traits, attributes, as well as the challenges we may have inherited or imprinted upon ourselves, we gain access to a guiding roadmap for our life’s journey. This invaluable tool shines a light upon the path of the soul, empowering individuals to navigate their lives with purpose and clarity.

Through the utilization of the Rayid Iris model, we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, not only enriching our own lives but also fostering growth within our relationships and guiding our children towards their highest potential. In doing so, we actively contribute to the collective well-being and the greater good of humanity.

Understand Your Iris

Iris photography

How to Capture an Iris Photo Using Your Smartphone:

  • For the best results, it’s advisable to enlist the assistance of a friend.
  • One person should hold a smartphone camera in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Position the flashlight beside the head to cast light gently across the eye.
  • Hold the camera as close to the eye as possible while ensuring the photo remains crystal clear. Avoid using the zoom function, as it can compromise image clarity when the picture is enlarged.
  • Consider taking your iris photo during the early morning or at dusk to minimize glare, especially if you can do it outdoors. If there’s excessive ambient light, you can improvise a “dark room” setting by draping a blanket over your heads to reduce reflections.
  • Ensure that you look directly into the camera, and be attentive to prevent the eyelids from partially covering the iris.
  • Take several pictures to expose all the iris sectors unimpeded by any light reflection.
Iris assessment

Now that you have captured your iris picture, the first invaluable step is to immerse yourself in it, engaging all your senses. Within this image lies the blueprint of your soul, and every moment spent deciphering its messages is time exceptionally well invested.

Here are some additional activities to deepen your self-understanding through your iris. Utilizing the guidance provided in the book, ‘What the Eye Reveals,’ you can discern your fundamental iris constitution and gain insight into its impact on your personality patterns. Additionally, we offer a wealth of instructional videos on our YouTube channel, where you can delve even further into this fascinating realm. We highly recommend exploring the Iris Series Playlist and commencing your journey with the ‘Use Your Own Iris‘ video.
If any uncertainties arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we are here to assist you.