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The Divine Order

The Rayid Model highlights the profound benefits of aligning our inner journey with the natural energy flow observed in the seasons of the year, months, and hours of the day. By consciously syncing with these rhythms, we can experience direct and holistic benefits to our mind, body, and spirit. This alignment allows us to tap into the healing power of nature, promoting balance and harmony within ourselves and the world around us.

Harmonious Living

The natural energetic flow of the seasons is a powerful force that affects us physically and psychologically. As we move through the four seasons of the year, we experience distinct changes in temperature, light, and atmosphere. Similarly, the four parts of a day – midnight to sunrise, sunrise to midday, midday to sunset, and sunset to midnight – each have their unique qualities that can impact our well-being.

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In Science

Recent studies have shown that biochemical and biological processes occur during specific hours of the day and night. For example, our bodies produce melatonin during the dark hours, which regulates our sleep-wake cycle, and cortisol during the day, which helps us manage stress.

The Rayid Model takes this concept further and identifies singular attributes that are readily accessible and capable of being developed during each hour of the day and each month of the year. Deliberately intertwining ourselves with the harmonious cadence of nature and the encompassing design of the universe, a gateway emerges—a gateway to transformative healing that cascades through the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit.

Furthermore, the ebb and flow of different daytimes and months reflect an interplay of distinct energies, embodied within birth order sequences and resonating through generations of grandparents and great-grandparents. By embracing our position within this intricate tapestry of ancestry, a unique opportunity emerges—a chance to fortify personal attributes and unearth essential soul qualities that lay concealed within us. By consciously aligning our inner journey with the pulsating energies of nature, we unearth the reservoir of holistic benefits that life graciously presents. This alignment serves as the key to unlock the boundless possibilities of well-being, harmonizing our existence with the symphony of the universe.

The Gifts of Time

pathways to progress

Among the most profound opportunities bestowed upon us as humans is the chance to synchronize our existence with the celestial blueprint and the innate ebb and flow of the universe. Through a deliberate embrace of the diverse energies that unfold over time, coupled with a steadfast commitment to harmonize with nature’s rhythm, we unfurl the tapestry of our latent capabilities, igniting a journey of profound and transformative healing.

Within every hour, week, month, and year resides a road map for the evolution of our unique essence—a pathway that releases the tethers of bygone generations and nurtures virtues capable of mending both our own being and those of generations yet to come. This expedition mandates a profound longing for personal growth, a courageous acceptance of emotional ownership, and a fervent quest for the truths that transcend the mundane. Through the lens of embracing our emotional landscape, unearthing their intrinsic verity, and inviting Divine guidance, we gracefully ascend the spiral of evolution, concurrently contributing to the healing tapestry of humanity.

While a familiarity with the Rayid birth order positions, ancestral legacies, and great-grandparents can illuminate this voyage, a comprehensive grasp of the entire system isn’t essential. What emerges as paramount is an unwavering intent to engage with our faith, to seek and embody truth, and to harmonize our essence with the Divine tapestry that interconnects us all.

EMBRACING Self-responsibility

By embracing the cyclical nature of time interwoven within our daily rhythms, monthly cadence, and seasonal transitions, we embark on a journey that harmonizes the inherent Divine feminine and masculine energies. These energies echo through the ancestral bonds of our maternal and paternal lineage.

Each passing month presents an inviting canvas to embody distinct attributes, energies, and virtues. Within this tapestry, we find the presence of varied grandparents of our lineage, each offering a unique lens through which we can aspire to grow. In the mosaic of weeks within each month, lies an invitation to delve into the depths of our being, purposefully acknowledging and amplifying emotions that often remain unnoticed.

Through our active choice to feel and evolve, we unfurl a pathway adorned with triggers and lessons, conduits to enhanced self-awareness and growth. As we traverse this inner landscape, a remarkable transformation unfolds—unraveling greater tranquility, diminishing reactivity, and fostering a profound sense of fulfillment. In nurturing self-responsibility through these sacred cycles, we foster an empowering journey toward balance and holistic well-being.

The Bounties of the Seasons Unveiled

Within the tapestry of the seasons lies a treasury of blessings awaiting our discovery. The choreography of energy unfolds with exquisite clarity across the four quarters of the year. Autumn and winter gently enshroud us in deepening darkness and a keen, invigorating chill, while the tapestry shifts dramatically in the rejuvenating days of spring and the sun-kissed warmth of summer. Here, daylight extends its embrace, and a symphony of energies dances to the rhythm of change.

Each season dons its unique robe of characteristics, each easily distinguishable from the next. Autumn paints the landscape with its russet hues, winter whispers its tranquility through frost-kissed mornings, spring ushers in renewal with budding life, and summer exudes the warmth of its sunlit embrace. As we stand within the embrace of each season, the qualities it holds unfold in clear view, a vibrant mosaic of nature’s poetry.


Autumn extends an enchanting invitation to embark on an inward journey, delving into the intricate landscapes of our being. Leaves gracefully descend, becoming messengers bearing profound life lessons—the art of feeling, graceful release, transformational dance, and an embrace of change mirroring trees’ metamorphosis.

Beneath autumn’s serene sky, a subtle yet compelling reminder draws our gaze heavenward. Amidst clear atmosphere, crisp air, and hushed quietude, we’re urged to fix our attention on distant horizons adorned with faraway stars. In this celestial symphony, a profound resonance emerges, a reminder of our connection to the vast cosmos enveloping us.


Winter heralds the burgeoning of light upon Earth. It emerges as a harbinger of openness, clarity, and transparency. Within its serene embrace, the pathway to exploring the universe’s most profound secrets and uncovering truths becomes unveiled. What pinnacle of clarity can we aspire to attain? What summit of truth can we strive to conquer? In the tapestry of winter, the spotlight of awareness is cast upon our own essence, guiding us to unearth and articulate the depths of our authentic self.


The spring season, as the first rays of daylight awakens every form of vitality. Flowers burst into vibrant bloom, animals engage in joyful dances, and the spirit of play and friendship infuses every corner of life. This multifaceted surge of energy ignites a symphony of activity, movement, and purpose. It represents the outward expression of the inner workings of the life force, and the innate human yearning for growth and transformation. Ultimately, it is this very fire that possesses the profound ability to ignite the hearts and minds of countless souls toward a grander purpose.


Every summer enriches our treasury of memories with its vibrant gatherings of families and groups, fostering connections and interactions in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth. This season beckons us to feel the profound interconnectedness that weaves through every layer of existence, uniting families, communities, and all living beings. Nowhere is the symphonic dance of life more vividly displayed than in these moments, offering us a chance to embody the purest essence of harmony.

The Eloquent Dance of Hours

Within the tapestry of time, these distinct attributes unfurl in harmony with the ebb and flow of the day’s quarters—the gentle retreat from sunset to midnight, the passage from midnight to sunrise, the ascent from sunrise to midday and,  the transition from midday to sunset. Each hour, each transition, bears witness to a unique facet of these attributes, weaving a symphonic voyage that echoes the cadence of nature’s cycles.

Furthermore, these singular attributes are not passive reflections; they are gateways to growth, flourishing within each hour of the day and blossoming anew within every month of the year.

By intentionally aligning ourselves with the intricate rhythms woven into the fabric of nature and the all-encompassing design of the universe, we unlock an extraordinary potential—a potential that unlocks profound transformational healing across the expansive realms of body, mind, and spirit. Through this purposeful immersion in the universal ballet of energies, we initiate a resounding transformation towards holistic well-being, transcending the constraints that often impede our evolution. This alignment stands as our key to unlocking the vast tapestry of life’s offerings, inviting us to explore and thrive within its boundless dimensions.