What the Eye Reveals


What the Eye Reveals – by Denny Johnson with J. Erik Ness
An exploration into the exciting world of Rayid Iris Interpretation.  Rayid Iris is a unique system for understanding personality and relationship patterns, by examining characteristics in the iris of the eye.  Learn how to unlock the mysteries of personality!

1995 edition, 128 pgs, 250 color photos, 8.5 x 11″ format.



What the Eye Reveals…

by Denny Johnson

An exploration of the exciting world of Rayid Iris Interpretation!

What the Eye Reveals is an exploration into the exciting world of Rayid Iris Interpretation:

an original and unique body of knowledge focused on understanding personality and relationship patterns, qualities, and characteristics, by examining the iris of the eye.  It provides a revolutionary way to understand the iris, dramatically different than iridology.

Rayid Iris Interpretation, was born of inspiration and revelation in the 1970s.  Decades of application and qualitative research have confirmed its accuracy.  Rayid Iris Interpretation is the first component of the Rayid Model of Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree Dynamics, founded by Denny Ray Johnson.

The iris is a map of the subconscious, complete with explanatory road signs.   What The Eye Reveals teaches you how to interpret these signs; giving you insights into improving your health, making wiser relationship and career choices, and better understanding your children, spouse, family, friends, and colleagues.

Parents, teachers, counselors, health practitioners, business people, and others have used this model.  Now, you too can see what the eye reveals.  Read this book and learn how to unlock mysteries of the personality.

After presenting a class on Rayid to a group of graduate students and psychiatric/mental health professionals at Harvard University, here is what a behavioral expert said about Rayid:

“The future will prove Rayid a leader in counseling techniques.  Using it along with what we know about human behavior, we can more wholly problem-solve and integrate questions on educational, career and marital choices, and how to change personal, familial or parental attitudes and behavior.”

–Hester Lewis, MD, Former Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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