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Once upon a time, in the far, far North, there lived a great white bear. Not only was he the largest bear that ever lived, he was pure white. And he sparkled like he was made of thousands of diamonds. He was a happy bear, and liked to sing, play, laugh and dance. Sometimes he would fill a tiny white teacup with water, place it on the very top of his head, and dance. Not once did he ever spill a single drop of water. But his favorite thing to do was to dive. Sometimes, he would climb the highest icebergs, face the sun, hold out his arms…smile, then dive, head first, into the water. He would climb on the sides of mountain, and dive head first into the snow. He laughed every time. He did this again and again. Always from higher and higher places. This great white bear lived in beautiful castle made of crystals. These crystals were perfectly clear and sparkled with light. In this castle, he cared for a single red rose. One day, while caring for his rose, he had a inspiration. He would do a dive from the highest mountain in all the land. The mountain he would dive from was 9 miles high. Not only would he dive from the highest mountain, he would dive, head first into his tiny white teacup. He was soooo happy!

The very next day, he filled his teacup with water, picked a rose petal from his beautiful rose, and placed the petal on the top of his head, then headed out into the sunlight. The bear placed his teacup at the base of the highest mountain, and started climbing. The single red rose petal stayed on the top of his head. It took him all morning to reach the top of the mountain. And from here you can see EVERYTHING. From there, he could see 363 degrees in all directions. He could see the past, the present and the future. But what he really wanted to see more of, was green grass, trees, and animals of every kind. He especially wanted to see people. He closed his eyes, and breathed long slow breaths. He felt the sun warm his heart. He felt happy inside. He opened his eyes and walked to the right. And there, facing the East, he was standing on the edge of the cliff. Far, Far below, he could see the tiny white teacup. At exactly 12 noon, with the rose still on the top of his head, he held out his arms, and dived off the cliff. It was a beautiful dive! Faster and faster he flew, balancing the rose petal on the very top of his head. He looked like a giant ball of Light or a shooting star streaking straight towards the teacup. And the whole way down, he laughed aloud. Then the bear hit the center of the teacup perfectly with the top of his head. And instantly, he found himself inside a crystal cave.

The cave was nearly round and as big as the castle he lived in. In this cave, all the crystals were made of different colors. The great white bear noticed the rose petal was gone, and in its place, a gold crown was on the top of his head. The bear began to sing.

Play this track to hear the bear sing Oração

When he finished singing, all the crystals were perfectly clear, and sparkled with Light. Beyond the crystals, the bear saw a mysterious lake filled with Peace. Beginning at the lake, green grass was growing in wide fields. Forests and fruit trees filled the land. There were animals of every kind living in the great circle of life. In the middle of it all, there was a community of people living in harmony, health and equilbrillum. This community lived in Union. Within and around everything, there was the essential essence of Silence.

The Great, White Bear wanted to give all of the people a hug. Cause, you see, he knew them all my name. When the bear walked out of the cave, he was no longer a bear, he was a man… a True Man.

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