“The future will prove Rayid a leader in counseling techniques. Using it along with what we know about human behavior, we can more wholly problem-solve and integrate questions on educational, career and marital choices and how to change personal, familial or parental attitudes and behavior.”  –Hester Lewis, MD. Former Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, USA

(Dr. Hester Lewis was an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School from July 1, 1971 to June 30, 1993.  She was a Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry from September 1, 1969 to June 30, 1997, a Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry from July 1, 1969 to August 31, 1969, and a Teaching Fellow in Psychiatry from September 1, 1967 to June 30, 1969.)

“Rayid is the most powerful tool in existence for understanding the personality.” –Andrew Higgs, Australia
“The positive outcome of using Rayid is far beyond my wildest optimism.  The highest and most holy advantages are yet to be revealed and experienced.” –Lollo Vestlund, Sweden
“One of the best moments of my life was my first encounter with Denny Johnson and the Rayid Model.  From the beginning, Rayid has been a powerful instrument of change for me personally.  In my work, after years of giving consultations and seminars – clients, friends, and other families are enjoying this remarkable way of getting to know oneself.  This Model helps people to love life, to understand the beauty of each human being, and to appreciate the unity of all things. Thank you!!”   –Sebastian Cuadrado Binaghi, Costa Rica
“This new way of thinking is a powerful contribution to changing the quality of life.” –Victoria Ervin, USA

“The Rayid Model teaches high and complex lessons in a simple way, making it understandable for all people. It is a powerful instrument of healing. Practicing what Rayid teaches enhances health and produces harmony and peace, by balancing mind, emotions, and physical body. The Rayid Model has dramatically changed the way I experience life.” –Denise Mendes Pacheco, Brazil   Physician  
“The Rayid Model has given me first-hand experience with taking an active roll in my own personal history. I have come to realize that many things society says occur by mere chance, have an origin in our inner world.” –Juan Jacobo Bernal, Costa Rica
“I resisted the idea there could be behavior trait correlates in the iris patterns for two years, coming from the scientific/medical/university world of ophthalmology and bioengineering. But after studying it closely, Rayid appears to be the most useful and advanced model of personality and relationship. Birth order is an important and powerful force in shaping your outlook on the world. Rayid Birth Order is a specific method of identifying personality traits based on the birth order (sibling sequence) for an individual client as well as their family members. This is a rich area for study!” –Jon Miles, USA
“Since Rayid touched me, I feel enthusiasm in my life. My consultations have become more powerful, with faster insights. When I speak about Rayid Iris and Birth Order, people around me become curious and ask for more information. Rayid Family Tree offers a wonderful way to accept and love our ancestors. The Rayid Model is a fantastic way to learn about and love our personal path of fulfillment.”  –Shifra Hollander-Kahana, Israel   Alternative Medicine: diagnosis & counselling
“Rayid is a beautiful therapy that opens up new levels of peace and harmony. This awareness has brought us closer to our family, friends and patients by providing techniques to understand the personality and the soul. Over the past 9 years, we are grateful to have shared the Rayid Model with thousands of people.” –Nadine & Brendon Groves, Australia Naturopaths