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Rayid Birth Order Patterns (Sibling Sequence)

Each person is born with distinct characteristics, special gifts, and talents that distinguishes them from every other person in their family tree and in society.  When these are identified, acknowledged and nurtured in childhood, it promotes strength and success in the child.  From this platform, a child is better equipped to master the challenges of life and to experience relationships in a healthier way.

The unique qualities defined by gender and birth order are manifested in body type, personality, and creative expression. Rayid® Birth Order allows a deeper understanding of the essential goodness in each person and the subtle nuances of their personality.  This greater level of understanding allows parents, guardians, teachers, and others to more specifically respond to, guide, nurture and support children towards their own personal fulfillment.


(Keep in mind that “personality” is your vehicle of expression and interaction in the material world.  With better understanding of personality, you gain important insight into different styles and patterns of communication, relating, learning, and expression.)

In the Rayid Model®, there are 12 distinct birth order positions: six boys and six girls.  Upon these cornerstones, endless variations of unique individuality are created.

The qualities of all 12 birth order positions are present within each of us.   However, they are combined and expressed in original ways.  The most dominate personality and behavioral characteristics present in someone, are those which correspond with their birth order position.  In the Rayid Model, birth order position is determinined by combining your genetic number, your gender number, and your social number.  (See below for an explanation of these.)

Birth order positions and their corresponding behavioral patterns are universal, meaning they transcend cultural influences and social status.  In addition, each birth position shares energetic similarity with certain wonders in Nature.

Rayid Birth Order opens new doors of understanding, deepens your reverence for the special-ness of each child, and enlivens your joy for the divinely inspired universe in which live.

Use and combine the brief descriptions found below, as an introduction to Rayid Birth Order.  While certain things will act as modifiers (i.e. iris structure, blended families, the loss of a sibling, etc.), the descriptions provide an overview.

In the Rayid Model, there are 3 parts that make up your birth order position: Genetic Number, Gender Number, & Social Number.

  • Step 1: Start with your Genetic Number.  To determine this, identify the gender of your father’s firstborn child.  If his first child was a boy and you were born next, the Genetic Number of your birth order position is a #2 boy (regardless of your gender).  This means you will have characteristics of a number 2 boy.  If you are the firstborn son, your genetic # is “1 boy”.  If you were born 4th after a first born son, your genetic # is “4boy”, and so on.  Again, this holds regardless of your gender.
  • Step 2: Identify your Gender Number.  If you are a female, identify which daughter/girl you are in your family: the first (#1 girl), second (#2 girl), fifth (#5 girl), etc.  The process is the same if you are a male, in determining which son/boy you are in the sibling sequence of your family.  Whatever your gender number is, you will have a dominance of these characteristics as well in your personality.
  • Step 3: Identify your Social Number (if applicable).  This applies to the social situation in which you grew up.  For example, if your father had children with more than one woman, you may or may not have grown up with all of your siblings and step-siblings in the same house.  As another example, perhaps you grew up in a “blended family” — meaning with step-siblings from a step-parent.  Whatever your situation was, identify your social birth position.  Do this by determining which birth position you occupied (from oldest to youngest) in the house you grew up in.  Again, start with the gender of the oldest child you lived with.
  • If the oldest child was a boy and you were younger, determine if you were 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • If you were 3rd, for example, you will have characteristics of a #3 boy (regardless of your gender).
  • If the oldest child was a girl and you were younger, determine if you were 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • If you were 2nd, for example, you will have characteristics of a #2 girl (regardless of your gender).

Genetic, gender, and social factors compose your dominant personality and behavioral characteristics.  Interestingly, the most dominant factor of all is your social birth number, meaning the social situation in which you grew up.

To determine your birth order position, add together your results from the above 3 steps.  Let’s say, for example, you are a genetic #3 boy, a gender #2 girl, and a social #4 girl.  The qualities and characteristics that correspond with these three birth order positions will be strongest in your personality and behavior.

Your birth order position would be: “3 boy, 2 girl, 4 girl”.  Look below to see what this means.

Enjoy the experience of determining your birth order position!

Keep in mind that there are personality modifiers like your iris structure, the iris structure and birth order position of your parents, etc.  However, this information provides a sound initial experience for determining your birth order position and the corresponding personality traits and characteristics.

For additional information on the Rayid Model of Birth Order, see our book “The Nature of Birth Order”. You will find this in  the products area of our website.


Rayid Birth Order Positions:

Qualities and Characteristics

Birth Position #1


First Son

First Daughter

Expressive Mode




“The Dreamer”, “The Engineer”

“The Queen”, “The Matriarch”


Mentally Detached, Inward Creative

Strong-Willed, Mature, Family-Oriented

Needs from Parents

Respect, Listening, Freedom, Time

Play, Trust, Closeness, Appreciation

Parental Relationships

Father’s Teacher, Mother’s Protector

Competes with Mother, Directs Father

Ideally Becomes

Leader, Public Server, Visionary

Leader, Teacher, Mother

When Imbalanced

Silently Rebellious, Self Sabotaging

Serious, Controlling, Dominant

Energetic Essence

Humility, Self-Actualized

Love of Life

Nature Symbols

Air, Wind, Cloud, Grass, Stars, Eagle

Earth, Mineral Kingdom, Mother Bird, Mountain

Birth Position #2


#2 After Firstborn Boy
or 2nd Son

#2 After Firstborn Girl
or 2nd Daughter

Expressive Mode




“The Champion”, “The Achiever”

“The Priestess”, “The Mysterious”


Emotionally Determined, Physical, Strong

Emotion/Detached, Subtle, Self-Aware

Needs from Parents

Direction, Physical Interaction, Limits

Respect, Fantasy, Space, Gentleness

Parental Relationships

Wants Father, Repels Mother

Self-Reliant, Sensitive, Independent

Ideally Becomes

Goal-Oriented, Competitive, Achieving

Designer, Success Oriented, Softly Alert

When Imbalanced

Angry, Blaming, Reactive, Cynical

Loner, Insecure, Manipulative

Energetic Essence

Excitement, Success Embodied

Essence of Feminine Mystery

Nature Symbols

Fire, Sunrise, Bull, Badger, Volcano

Water, Moon, Mist, Peaceful Lake, Jaguar, Cat

Birth Position #3


#3 After Firstborn Boy
or 3rd Son

#3 After Firstborn Girl
or 3rd Daughter

Expressive Mode




“The Chess master”, “The Chameleon”,
“The Strategist”

“Earth Goddess”, “Daughter of Solomon”,
“The Wise Woman”


Quietly Clever, Social Mediating, Quick, Diplomatic

Community Aware, Physical, Traditional

Needs from Parents

Challenge, Alertness, Inner Mechanics

Information, Nature, Involvement, Touch

Parental Relationships

Shy, Slippery, Balances Parents

Preserves Life, Extends Social Stability

Ideally Becomes

Strategist, Negotiator, Advisor, Diplomat

Healer, Community Resource, Judge, Mediator

When Imbalanced

Manipulative, Secretive, Unethical

Blocked, Dependent, Critical, Willful

Energetic Essence

Fluid Movement of Social Connections

Experience of Feminine Nurturing

Nature Symbols

Fox, Fish, Coyote, Weasel, River, Mouse, Metal

Plant Kingdom, Wood, Trees, Valley

Birth Position #4


#4 After Firstborn Boy
or 4th Son

#4 After Firstborn Girl
or 4th Daughter

Expressive Mode




“Mr. Charisma, “The Joker”, “The King”,
“The Executive”

“The Grace”, “The Changer”, “The Warrior”


Social, Physical, Uplifting, Active

Transforming, Futuristic, Global

Needs from Parents

Attention, Optimism, Creativity

Recognition, Emotional Support, Privacy

Parental Relationships

King-like, Brings Joy to Parents, to Society

Changes Values, Challenges Parents

Ideally Becomes

Entertainer, Leader, Organizer

Inspired Visionary, Teacher, Philosopher

When Imbalanced

Reckless, Demanding, Depressed

Suffering Recluse, Reckless, Rebellious

Energetic Essence

True Masculinity of the Heart

Grace and Forgiveness

Nature Symbols

Lion, Thunder, Buffalo, Stallion

Ocean, Rose, Butterfly, Dolphin, Cobra, Lightning

Birth Position #5


#5 After Firstborn Boy
or 5th Son

#5 After Firstborn Girl
or 5th Daughter

Expressive Mode




“The Artist”, “The Genius”, “The Poet”

“The Compassionate”, “The Unifier”


Perfectionist, Quiet, Gentle, Inspired

Physically Strong, Socially Sensitive, Gentle

Needs from Parents

Compassion, Touch, Solitude

Ecology, Support, Care

Parental Relationships

Innocent, Obedient, Eases Parents

Eases Parenting, Quiets Family

Ideally Becomes

Artistic, Highly Creator

Innocent, Caring, Earthy

When Imbalanced

Confused, Dependent, Withdrawn

Confused, Reactive, Overwhelmed

Energetic Essence

Brings Beauty and Peace to All

Tenderness of the Heart, Love for All Creatures

Nature Symbols

Rainbow, Antelope, Sunset, Diamond,
Desert, Lamb, Deer

Animal Kingdom, Migrating Herds,
Flocks of Birds, Gentle Brook, Dove

Birth Position #6

Group Dynamic

#6 After Firstborn Boy
or 6th Son

#6 After Firstborn Girl
or 6th Daughter

Expressive Mode




“The General”, “The Master”

“The Visionary”, “The Illuminated”


Aware, Dynamic, Commanding, Dominant

Socially/Religiously Sensitive

Needs from Parents

Wisdom, Integrity, Truth

Patience, Spiritual Guidance, Freedom

Parental Relationships

Moves, Directs, Challenges Parents

Increases Awareness, Changes

Ideally Becomes

Builder, Political Mover, Inventor

Awakened, Successful, Prophetic

When Imbalanced

Dictator, Ruthless, Narrow-minded

Demanding, Arrogant, Isolated

Energetic Essence

Focused Fusion

Pure Centered Silence

Nature Symbols

Earthquake, Tsunami, Nova, Grizzly Bear

Snow, Stars, Eclipse, Baby Seal, Flowers