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Ambassadors, Teachers, and Practitioners of the Rayid Model ®

The Rayid Model® of Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree Dynamics is the legal and creative property of its founder, Denny Johnson. This includes the name “Rayid” (a registered trademark) and all related Rayid information, products, programs, logos, and materials.  Denny Johnson is the founder of Rayid International, Unitree Foundation, and Global Gratitude, and maintains all legal and creative rights associated with each.


Unitree Foundation is the only valid credentialing body worldwide for Rayid teachers and Rayid practitioners.  The same is true for teachers and practitioners of Global Gratitude.  The purchase of products and materials associated with Rayid is provided through Rayid International.

There was a time when Rayid teachers, practitioners, and “masters” were certified through Rayid International.  Rayid certification was discontinued years ago and is no longer valid.

There was also a time when locations outside of the United States (ie, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, etc.) were recognized by Denny Johnson as offering affiliated Rayid programs.  Those associations ended years ago and no longer exist.  “Rayid” is copyright and trademark protected.  Any other website using the word “Rayid” in its name, in any form, is in violation of the law.

Any Rayid or Rayid-related programs, products, materials, credentialing, or websites – other than those offered by, or approved by, Unitree Foundation and Rayid International in the United States – are invalid representations of Rayid®.

Levels of Credentialing

Currently, there are 3 levels of credentials (formal recognition) offered through Unitree Foundation:

  1. Rayid Ambassador (Amb.)
  2. Rayid Teacher (RT)
  3. Rayid Practitioner (RP)

Rayid Ambassadors serve on the Unitree Foundation Board of Directors and have been personally selected by Denny Johnson.  They are the highest-level representatives of Rayid and are the most current, accurate, and skilled teachers and practitioners of the Rayid Model.  They work in close association with Denny Johnson and serve as mentors and guides for Rayid Teachers and Rayid Practitioners, as well as students of Rayid.

Rayid Teachers and Practitioners

Becoming or being a Rayid Practitioner or Rayid Teacher requires endorsement/approval by the Board of Directors of Unitree Foundation. The knowledge and skill of Rayid teachers and practitioners is regularly reassessed.  The Board of Directors maintains the only accurate list of Rayid Teachers and Rayid Practitioners worldwide.

Rayid Teachers: Becoming a Rayid Teacher requires invitation and endorsement by Unitree Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Invitation is based on years of practice, currency of knowledge, expertise, and teaching skill.  All Rayid Teachers are highly skilled Rayid Practitioners.

Rayid Practitioners are recognized and approved by the Unitree Foundation Board of Directors.  They have demonstrated years of study and practice, an advanced level of knowledge, and skillful integration and application of the Rayid Model personally and professionally.  These practitioners have remained current, regularly attending seminars and programs taught by Denny Johnson, a Rayid Ambassador, or a Rayid Teacher approved by the Board of Directors of Unitree Foundation.

To become a Rayid Practitioner, applicants need to complete certain requirements and apply to the Unitree Foundation Board of Directors for approval.  Upon acceptance, applicants are mentored and guided through a specific process.


If you have any questions or would like to sponsor/organize a Rayid seminar in your area,

please contact our office manager located in the United States:

Nancy McDaniel, Office Manager or

800-743-0179 (United States only)

760-233-4135 (International)

Directory of Rayid Professionals

Rayid Founder:  Denny Johnson  (USA)

Rayid Ambassadors (Amb.)
Rayid Teachers (RT)
Rayid Practitioners (RP)
Rayid Associates (RA)

Unitree Foundation Board of Directors & Rayid Ambassadors (Amb.)

Edith Cuffe, Amb, RT, RP, RAYID Director (Australia)

Jur ten Hoopen, Amb, RT, RP, RAYID Director (Holland/Germany/Europe)

Rayid Teachers (RT) and Rayid Practitioners (RP)

Elivane Assis, RP (Brazil)

Juan Jacobo Bernal, RP (Costa Rica)

Sebastian Cuadrado, RP (Costa Rica)

Edith Cuffe, RT, RP (Australia)

Jason Eldridge, RT, RP (Australia)

Nadine Groves, RT, RP (Australia)

Brendon Groves, RT, RP (Australia)

Jur ten Hoopen, RT, RP (Netherlands, Germany, Europe)

Dr. Ellen Jensen, RP (USA)

Margarita Jiminez, RP (Costa Rica)

Els van Leeuwen, RP (Netherlands)

Jane Yetter Lunt, RP (USA)

Denise Pacheco, RP (Brazil)

Prakash Snare, RT, RP (Australia)

Rayid Associates (RA)

A Rayid Associate (RA) is current in his/her knowledge of Rayid, regularly attends and organizes Rayid seminars, retreats, and classes, and demonstrates sound foundational understanding and application of the Rayid Model.

Bruno Assis, RA (Brazil)

Liane Beringhs, RA (Brazil)

Rodrigo Crespo, RA (Costa Rica)

Wanda Czarlinski, RA (Brazil)

Patricia Fraguela, RA (Costa Rica)

Lyn Malcolm, RA (Australia)

Dean Sallman, RA (Australia)

Marc Sallman, RA (Australia)

Erika Sanchez, RA (Costa Rica)

Andrea Urbina, RA (Costa Rica)

Vanessa Vavallini, RA (Costa Rica)

Cosmo Yogamanas, RA (Australia)

(Directory Updated: July 25, 2010)


Practitioner Application Form

If you are qualified and would like to become a Rayid Practitioner, you are welcome to apply to the Unitree Foundation Board of Directors.


  • Completion of our 99-Day Global Gratitude Program
  • Completion of our “Rayid Intro.” home-study course (*)
  • Completion of our “Rayid Birth Order” home-study course (*)
  • Completion of our “Cycles & Seasons” home-study course (*)
  • A daily stillness-meditation/relaxation practice

    (* or the equivalent)

Other Qualifications Include:

  • Up to date knowledge and skill, and regular practice of the Rayid Model throughout the past 3 years
  • Attendance at Rayid classes, seminars, lectures, retreats and/or one-to-one mentoring taught by the founder of Rayid, a Rayid Ambassador or a Rayid Teacher approved by Unitree Foundation over the past three years
  • Sound knowledge, understanding, and personal integration of the universal qualities of the 12 primary ancestors (grandparents/great-grandparents) in the family tree
  • Sound knowledge, understanding, and skillful application of the main gifts and lessons of the 6 sisters and the 6 brothers in the Rayid Model
  • Sound knowledge, understanding, and skillful application of the personality qualities, characteristics,and communication style associated with each of the 4 constitutional iris patterns
  • Knowledge and understanding of your own birth order position and constitutional iris structure
  • Ease in your written and oral communication regarding the above
  • Skillfull conduction of supervised Rayid Iris-Family Tree consultations
  • Endorsement by Denny Johnson and/or the Unitree Foundation Board of Directors

Click here to download a Rayid Practitioner Application Form (PDF format)