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Global Gratitude (GG) is a free educational program

focused on honoring the dearness of children

and the unity of families around the world.


Here, we provide a simple overview of our Global Gratitude program.  Read this entire “Overview” first, before going on to the other areas related to Global Gratitude on this page.  Unitree Foundation offers Global Gratitude, in its commitment to enhancing worldwide peace and unity through the power of love.

With good reason, this program focuses primarily on women.  From generation to generation, women are found at the heart of families and communities.  Facilitating a deeper relationship between women is a powerful way to create change.  By increasing your connection with the women in your family tree, you nourish and vitalize your family.  Sharing this experience with others enhances peace, joy and unity.

Imagine thousands of people taking time each day to open their hearts to mothers and children around the world.  Imagine an international network focusing the dynamic power of love on the highest good for families and children.

Committing to seven minutes a day in guided reflection is all you need to do.  By participating in this program, in a simple, yet powerful way, you help to make the world a more beautiful place!

While Global Gratitude (GG) is focused primarily on women and children, men are certainly welcome to participate.  In reality, it is all the more powerful when women and men work in unison for the betterment of families and humanity.

The 99-Day GG Program

This is the most effective way to experience Global Gratitude, as it impresses a pattern over an extended period of time.  It begins with an introductory learning experience and continues with a simple 99-day process.

You begin by opening your heart and focusing your attention on the 6 primary grandmothers and great-grandmothers in your family tree.  As you practice this over time, you increase the flow of love and light from your ancestors to you, your children and future generations.  By including other mothers and children in your daily reflection, you energetically extend the flow of these gifts to them as well.

You might begin by including mothers and children you know in your own personal circle of family and friends.  Since it can be helpful to have a picture to reflect on, you are encouraged to consider this.  Gradually, you are encouraged to extend your circle of mothers and children wider and wider.  To assist you in this process, we offer photographs of some mothers and children from different countries.  To view these photographs, go to “GG Photos”.   Allow your heart to connect with mothers and children around the world. As your heart connection grows, so too does the power of love.

To Begin Global Gratitude

Start with a GG Introductory Seminar taught by one of our Rayid Teachers, Rayid Practitioners, or Rayid Associates – or complete our home-study “GG Intro. Course”.  While it is best to attend a GG Introductory Seminar in person, we recognize that this is impossible for some.  Therefore, we offer a home-study GG Introductory Course as an alternative.      

After completing our GG Introductory Seminar or our home-study GG Introductory course, go on and complete our 99-day GG program.

After Completing the 99-Day GG Program

You are encouraged to continue a regular practice of increasing feelings of love and gratitude for your own family, for the families of others, and for the one family that all of humanity belongs to.

After completing the 99-Day GG Program, you may continue practicing Global Gratitude by using our GG Booklet and GG Music CD in a manner or sequence of your choice.  If you prefer, you may continue your practice of GG using any sacred, soothing music you like.


Before beginning this program, be sure you have read the “Global Gratitude Overview” above.  It is a pre-requisite for this home-study course.  If you have not yet done so, go there now and read it.  Afterwards, download and print our home-study GG Introductory Course, continue on, and enjoy!

Click here for Rayid Global Gratitude for our “GG Intro.Course”  (free download in “pdf” format)

GLOBAL GRATITUDE: “Family Tree Chart”

First, read the “Global Gratitude Overview” at the top of this page.  Then, if you are interested in completing our “GG Intro. Course”, download and print that course (see above) along with our Family Tree Chart.  The Family Tree Chart accompanies our GG Intro. Course.

Click here for our Rayid “Family Tree Chart”   (free download in “pdf” format)



Our GG Booklet provides all the information you will need to complete our “99-Day Global Gratitude Program”.  The pre-requisites for this program are:

–First, read the “Global Gratitude Overview” at the top of this page

–Second, complete our “GG Intro. Course” (see above)

If you then wish to complete our 99-Day Global Gratitude Program, you may download our GG Booklet onto your computer.  You may also download our GG Music CD (see below), which accompanies our GG Booklet.

Click here for our “GG Booklet”   (free download in “pdf” format)



Our GG Music CD provides an array of music that corresponds sequentially with the 7-minute daily reflections/meditations in our GG Booklet.  If you have decided to complete our 99-Day Global Gratitude Program, your are welcome to download this CD onto your computer.  Before downloading it, please read the information above under “Global Gratitude: GG Booklet”.

Click here for our “GG Music CD”  (free download in “MP3” format)

Click here to download the Insert/Description of our GG CD (“pdf” format)