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Is this from a religion?

The prayer arrived on a special day for children. This day is held sacred by a religion started by a simple man from the Amazonian forest. He started this religion for the purpose of bringing peace to the world. This prayer brings peace to the family.

Why use the name Jesus?

Thoughout the ages, there have been beings of Light, and purified spirits who have walked on the Earth to show mankind the path. Buddha, Solomon and many others have made their own contributions. Jesus brought love to the Earth, and showed man a new way. It is this love that opens the hearts of children, and brings out their highest possibilities. With this love, families can clear patterns in the family tree, and restore the well-being of the family.

How the One Child’s Prayer arrived

While meditating in September 2010, words began to pour through the top of my head, like cascading, cold water. The words came in english, but I knew instantly, they needed to be written down and translated to portuguese. I had not been asking for,or comtemplating anything when the words arrived. The words were beautiful and pure. It was clear these words were not from me. These words did not belong to me. They belonged to the children of the world. After having a friend translate the words into portuguese, I took them to a wise man known to understand the use of words. After reading them, he added one word, and changed one more. The man’s name is Edson Lodi. Edson reminded me that the day the words arrived was a sacred day called, Saint Cosmo, and Saint Damon. Two children known for their ability to heal others.

It took one month for me to learn the words in portuguese. After six months, I began to feel how the strength and clarity of the prayer was affecting me.

How Stories Work With The Prayer

Health is a reflection of consciousness. The Light of consciousness shines through the mind, producing physical and mental outcomes. The mind holds genetic memories in the form of symbols. When these symbols hold memories of fear and pain, it produces mental and physical disease.

When the mind of a sleeping child hears stories, the symbols within the story wash through the stored genetic memories of the child. This process beings to open and alter the symbolic memories held within the child. When the Light of consciousness is momentarily increased through prayer, the Light begins to dissolve negative memory, allowing the higher function of the DNA to be restored.

The effectiveness of this clearing and restoring process depends on the quality of the prayer and the stories utilized. Most classic fairytales use a sequence of symbols that begin to resolve one or more primal fears within the genetic memory of the child. Repetitive use of these stories, gradually sets the negative memories in motion, making it possible for the Light of the prayer to clear them. Ideally, stories are best when in the live voice of the parents. When the parents are not available, recorded stories are still effective, but less so. The same live or recorded stories should be used for one hour per night, for at least 21 nights. There are three primary stories, for children to hear, as they go to sleep. These stories can be provided to the parents.

The prayer can be used as the child is going to bed, or just after falling to sleep. The stories can be changed on a regular basis. The same prayer,entitled, ONE CHILD’S PRAYER, should be used nightly.

When a child hears the story, then has a difficult night, or physical symptoms the next day, this indicates the correct story to remove the genetic memories of fear and pain has been located. Treat the symptoms, but remove the story for three days. Then start the same story again, and repeat the process until the reactions or symptoms no longer occur. Then move on to a new story. The prayer should be continued, but at a softer volume level. If there are no reactions, it is a positive indication that character building, rather than clearing is occuring.

Under the age of eight, children occupy a level of development, that can be termed, “The Fluid Dynamic Mind”. This level of mind has an active imagination, and is in a dymanic state of flucuation. This Fluid mind is forming many symbolic memories from the genetic code and from envirnomental influences. Once formed, the Light of consciousness shines through these symbolic memories creating the patterns of the mind, body and behavior. After the age of eight, these patterns are difficult to affect. The most effective time period to affect positive change in these foundational patterns is before the age of eight. The only exception to this rule, is that for one hour after they go to sleep, children between the ages of eight and sixteen return to the Fluid Dynamic state of mind. During this one hour, older children are, once again, receptive to constructive influence.