Rayid Model Introduction – Part 2: Rayid Birth Order


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Home Study Course on Rayid Birth Order.

(CD in pdf format)

RAYID© Birth Order expands on the information learned in RAYID© Iris. Twelve primary birth positions are recognized in the RAYID Model©: 6 sons and 6 daughters. Each person is born with distinct characteristics, gifts, and talents, distinguishing them from every other person in their family tree and in society. When these are identified, acknowledged and nurtured, strength and success is promoted. From this platform, one is better able to master the challenges of life and experience relationships in a healthier way.

The unique qualities defined by gender and birth order are manifested in body type, personality, and creative expression. Rayid© Birth Order promotes a deeper understanding of the essential goodness in each person and the subtle nuances of their personality. This aids personal mastery and fulfillment.

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