Miles Eye Camera – SL Series




Miles Eye Camera – SL Series
Complete System, with Side-Lighting Illuminator

The Side-Lighting Illuminator was developed for those who prefer oblique illumination, typically 45 degrees from the camera-lens axis, and from either right or left or both sides. Side-lighting iris photography uses the shadow-casting due to a large angle of illumination (30 degrees or more from camera-lens axis) to illustrate the topographic variations in the iris landscape.

Contents of Iris Camera Kit:

  1. Camera with Macro Lens
  2. Hood-Mounted Illuminator
  3. Spare Camera Battery
  4. Camera Battery Charger (120-240 VAC)
  5. Camera Battery Charger AC Cord
  6. Camera-to-Computer USB Cord
  7. Rear lens cap/body cap
  8. Neckstrap
  9. Flash Memory Card and USB Card Reader
  10. Lens cap
  11. 18-55mm Zoom VR AutoFocus Lens
  12. Camera Documentation
  13. Airtight/Watertight Carry Case

See the User Guide for this camera here:
Iris Camera User Guide – SL Series (3.5MB PDF, opens in new window)

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Iris Camera Info (4.7MB PDF, opens in new window)

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Iris Camera Prices (PDF, opens in new window)

For more information please contact Jon Miles at

Item #: MEC-2-D60N105-SL ($3100.00)

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 7 in


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