Miles Eye Camera – CB Series




Complete System, with Coaxial Biometric Illuminator

Digital photography of the iris is the best tool you can have for studying the structures in the iris. The Coaxial Biometric Illuminator is ideal for accurate and uniform images of the iris. Illumination is via fiberoptic lightguide, and directs the illumination to four points just 14 degrees from the camera-lens axis. The resulting images typically have uniform illumination with the flash reflex in the pupil area. Lifetime warranty on illuminator.

Contents of Iris Camera Kit:

  1. Camera
    a. Power Pack for Focus Light
    b. Lightguide
    c. Focus Light
  2. Lightguide Clip
  3. Spare Camera Battery
  4. Camera Battery Charger
  5. 18-55mm Zoom VR AutoFocus Lens
  6. NiMH Recharger AA Battery Charger
  7. NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries
  8. Flash Memory Card Reader
  9. Cord Compartment
    a. Lens cap/body cap
    b. Card Reader USB cord
    c. Camera USB cord
    d. AC cord
    e. Spare Focus-Light bulbs
    f. #0 Phillips screwdriver (for battery pack)
  10. Airtight/Watertight Carry Case

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Iris Camera User Guide – CB Series (2.4MB PDF, opens in new window)

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Iris Camera Info (4.7MB PDF, opens in new window)

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For more information please contact Jon Miles at

Item #: MEC-2-D60N105-CB ($3100.00)

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 7 in


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