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Grandparents Overview



Grandparents and great-grandparents have a very important role and responsibility in the evolution of a family.  They are the golden treasure of the family tree.  In a universal way, grandparents pour special love and light into the family.  Children are the physical embodiment of the gifts they receive from their ancestors.

Receiving the Grace of Grandparents
Whether your ancestors are alive or not, there is opportunity to increase the grace of their presence in your life.  To receive the spiritual gifts of your grandparents and great-grandparents, all you need do is open your heart.  The more you open your heart, the more you will receive.

Grandparents, Children and Nature
People and nature are composed of the same essential “ingredients” of creation.  Everything and everyone comes from the same source of life.  Grandparents and children share a special bond.  The birth order position of a child corresponds most strongly with a specific ancestor.  For example, a firstborn daughter (#1 girl) is most strongly connected energetically/spiritually with her #1 grandmother.  In the language of the Rayid Model®, a #1 grandmother is the “father’s mother”.  A second born daughter (#2 girl) is most strongly connected with her #2 grandmother.  In the Rayid Model, a #2 grandmother means “mother’s mother”.

The shared qualities in grandparents and children also correspond with qualities in nature.  So, one of the ways to deepen your relationship with ancestors and children is to spend more time in nature.  Spending time in nature nourishes your wholeness in deep and beautiful ways.  Learning to connect aspects of nature with grandparents and children, enhances your capacity to give and receive love.

The Gift of Grandparents
Every person has within them the universal qualities of all 12 primary ancestors (grandmothers and grandfathers).  The qualities that are strongest, however, are those that correspond with your birth order position.  Referring back to the example above, while a firstborn daughter has the spiritual qualities of all 12 grandparents (masculine and feminine), those of her #1 grandmother will be strongest in her.

Below is a brief listing of the universal qualities and nature symbols associated with each grandparent.

As a visual reference, a Family Tree Chart is provided to assist you.

All grandparents are important.  Beyond their personality, each grandparent contributes different and specific genetic, vibrational, and spiritual gifts to the development of generations of children.  For example, if you wish to have more inner peace*, this spiritual gift comes from your #2 Grandmother (see * below).  This is true, whether or not your #2 grandmother (your mother’s mother) had a peaceful personality.  Remember, the true significance of grandparents and great-grandparents relates to the spiritual position they occupy in the family tree.  This can often be quite different than the personality they exhibit.

It is never too soon to begin practicing who you truly are.  Learn to close your eyes each day and be still.  Learn to access the bouquet of spiritual qualities that are naturally inherent within you.  Learn how to integrate these qualities more strongly into your personality (i.e., your vehicle of expression and interaction in the material world).  Learn how to manifest these qualities in your relationships with others.  And, one day, be the grandmother/grandfather (wise, loving elder) you are meant to be – in personality, as well as in spiritual significance.

Knowledge of the universal qualities of grandparents can greatly enhance your appreciation for who you are, for your ancestors, and for the unity of all life.

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Universal Qualities & Nature Symbols





Nature Symbols

GM #1




Father’s Mother

Will to Live
Strength, Stability
Cradle of Life

Mineral Kingdom
Rocks, Crystals
Mother Bear
Mother Bird

GM #2



Mother’s Mother

*Peace, Tranquility
Fluidity, Calmness
Sensitivity, Softness
Serenity, Privacy

Tranquil Lake
Moon, Mist
Cat, Panther

GM #3



Father’s Father’s Mother

Radiant Health, Firmness
Stability, Wisdom
Empathy, Nurturing
Healing Touch

Plant Kingdom

GM #4



Mother’s Mother’s Mother

Unconditional Love
Grace, Transformation
Transcendent Change
Allowing, Receiving

Rose Petals, Butterfly
Owl, Sea Turtle

GM #5



Father’s Mother’s Mother

Unity, Compassion
Gentle Strength

Animal Kingdom
Dove, Lamb
Gentle Brook
Migrating Herds

GM #6


Mother’s Father’s Mother

Spiritual Oneness
Silence, Innocence
Purity, Inner Vision

Snow, Stars
Ice Crystals
Baby Harp Seal
Lamb, Swan


Universal Qualities & Nature Symbols



Universal Qualities

Nature Symbols

GF #1

Mother’s Father

Breath, Imagination
Humility, Inspiration
Creativity, Innovation
Sensitivity, Gentleness

Air, Wind
Stars, Clouds
Grass, Birds
Fawn, Koala, Eagle

GF #2

Father’s Father

Courage, Determination
Passion, Perseverance
Physical Power
Strength, Achievement

Sun, Fire
Volcano, Bull
Stallion, Badger

GF #3

Mother’s Mother’s Father

Mental Sharpness
Mental Clarity
Awareness, Curiosity
Individuality, Strategizing

Metal, River
Fox, Coyote
Weasel, Falcon

GF #4

Father’s Father’s Father

Joy, Laughter
Charisma, Charm
Friendship, Properity

Thunder, Lightening
Lion, Bull Elk

GF #5

Mother’s Father’s Father

Originality, Perfection
Genius, Creativity
Artistry, Originality
Solitude, Innocence

Rainbow, Diamond
Desert, Sand
Cactus Flower
Zebra, Antelope

GF #6

Father’s Mother’s Father

Leadership, Mastery
Unifying Power
Action, Freedom
Embodied Oneness

Majestic Mtn. Peak
Elephant, Eagle
Grizzly Bear