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Welcome to Rayid International

This is the only official site worldwide for

The Rayid Model® of Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree Dynamics

Since 1978, we have been a global network of kindred people who love life and are dedicated to making the world a better place.  Unbounded by culture, theology or economic standing, we explore the greater purpose of life and strive to embody it in everyday living.  We celebrate the inherent wholeness in everyone we meet and encourage others to do the same.

By increasing understanding and love for yourself, your family, and the families of others ... vital health, well-being, and personal success are enhanced.

Through the body of the family tree, human beings share a remarkable journey of evolution on Earth.  The tree is a living symbol of our inheritance and of the continuous flow of love and light from our ancestors, nourishing and guiding us from generation to generation.

Unitree Foundation is a nonprofit visionary organization designed to serve the greater good of humanity and its conscious evolution.  With a commitment to promoting peace and unity, we affirm and nurture the power of love inherent in individuals, families, and the global community. Unitree Foundation serves as a beacon of light for change in the world and is the spiritual foundation of Rayid International.  The mission of Rayid International is to affirm and nurture the vital health of individuals, families, and humanity.

Imagine a time of greater love within and amongst families.   Imagine a world with more unity and peace.   What we place our attention and energy on today is what takes root and blossoms tomorrow.   We each have a responsibility to take action now on the changes we envision in the future.   The greatest gift to ourselves, our family, future generations of children, and humanity, is an increase of love and light in the world.   Each of us has the power to create this.

You are invited to experience the simple beauty of our work.   Let the gifts of the Rayid Model® touch your heart and move you to
make a difference in the world, through conscious action.   As life constantly evolves, so too does our work.   Our current and future programs are inspired by the potential inherent in humanity to create a more unified and loving world.


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